In Waiting

June 5, 2006

All these things I find inside
I keep trying to hide
I don't want to face them
For I keep them well hidden
Facing the problems I have
I don't want to do
I'll find a way around it
Instead of working fully through
I only see what I want to see
And try to ignore the rest
But as time goes on
It becomes a difficult task
My world seems black and white at times
Why do I do this
Why can't I handle it on my own
How will I survive the real world
Out there all on my own
To escape reality
Even for just a while
Would satisfy me
Away from this world
I feel so alone in
Away from the dangers
I know there is something far better out there
I just need to find where
Find the place where true happiness lies



  1. makanya pak main2 ke blogfam biar tau kapan wkt kopdarannya 🙂

  2. nunggu siapa pak?

  3. ne, lo nge quote dapet darimana aja sehhh…

  4. nice poem….love it

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