My Cubicle

August 20, 2006

lyrics by Morning Sidekick
performed by Jym Britton

My job is stupid
My day’s a bore
Inside this office
From 8 to 4

Nothing ever happens
My life is pretty blank
Pretending that I am working
Pray that I don’t get canned

My cubicle
My cubicle
It’s 1 of 62
It’s my small space
In a crowded place
Just a six by six board booth
And I hate it, that’s the truth

When I give a sigh
As the boss walks by
No one ever talks to me
Or looks at me in the eye
And I really should work
But instead I just sit here
And surf the internet

And my cubicle
My cubicle
It doesn’t have a view
It’s my small space
In a crowded place
I sit inside there, too
And sometimes I sit here nude

Ini adalah lirik lagu plesetean dari lagunya James Blunt – You’re Beautiful. Jika lo mau dengerin lagunya bisa lo download disini.

Lyrics lagu ini kayaknya emang sesuai banget dengan nasib gw gawe sekarang ini deh di SewarnaDombret.



  1. Bocah…. kalo pusing2.. jalan2 yuuuk….

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  3. Hi there. Thought you might enjoy this: http://jkfowler.com/2009/12/07/cubicle/ . Cheers, JK.

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