OST – Gue Kapok Jatuh Cinta

September 29, 2006

The Mainstream – Gravity



  1. yg plg bgs yg mana sehh?

  2. alo..alo..salam berkenalan dari brunei..comment aku..best..hehehe..

  3. gw mw liriknyah so special dumz!

  4. GW minta lagunyaaa OKA so special dunk…

    kirim ke kharisvan_duo@yahoo.com yah/…

  5. Lirikk nyaaa maksud gw yahh

  6. wew….thx bgt y….dah gw cari n lagu kmn2….thanks bgt man….heheheh….so special is a very special song….

  7. iyah,,sama mau liriknya so special..yaaa?ya?ya?

  8. reff: special in my eyes
    since you’re in my life
    always on my mind
    so special in my eyes

    everyday and night
    i feel i found home
    and singing you this song
    you never be alone
    special in my eyes

    i can’t wait til the sun comes down
    cause a good girl is so hard to find
    see i train to obey your order
    just like a soldier, sir yes sir

    i wanna be your number one
    without you i’m half blank like minus one
    i think about you all the time
    before i go to sleep everynight

    ur first thing in the morning
    got you inside me since day one
    bury me six feet deep underground
    it’s crazy yeah you proudly would
    pray for your love too
    if you was in my shoes

    when you down i got you chill
    towards you i stay class til forever still
    i’m drawn to be down with you
    in my arms girl
    you’d be safe inside

    repeat reff

    eventhough you play hard to get
    i never expect you would like me back
    it’s hard to believe we connect
    day by day we seize down the gap
    to the sky we fled

    i still remember the first time we met
    arbitary girl is like a fairy tale
    it fast left me drain completely
    and ever since then
    i blend with my misery

    but everything is different now
    coming at you is the ring and the wedding gown
    you gotta be around when i’m down
    be a good friend, the most profound

    cause i’m gonna do the same thing
    without you i’m senseless
    cause you’re my instinct
    di celah kaki hujan
    kita berdansa, bercumbu dalam hasrat

    everything is gonna be alright
    trust me cause i’m giving you my life
    how do i get you to understand
    i gotta have you more than just best friend

    i gotta have you to be my last
    i don’t want you to be my past
    baby no doubt, in a matter of fact
    i wanna be your future
    ku seduh kasih sehalus sutera

    i want you to be my last
    and i don’t want you to be my past
    baby no doubt, in a matter of fact
    i wanna be your future
    bernafas dalam ikatan suci

    everything is gonna be alright
    trust me cause i’m giving you my life
    how do i get you to understand
    all i want is you to be my man

  9. juz watch d movie last nite, simple but nice.. reality of life n d tracks is kewl.. all d best…

  10. Sumpah “so special” keren Bgt, kl mo download mp3’y dimana yahh? kl ga minta bantuannya buat di kirim ke email gw duunk, bakul_udug@yahoo.com thx before
    salam knal


  11. kagak nahaannnnn…..

  12. cara downloadnya glm sih

  13. hi… which song from the list that was played at the end of the movie?

  14. nyari na susa bgd…akhir na lagu “so special” jadi songlist pernikahan gw….

  15. sumpah…
    “so special” mang special banget
    gw bnr2 cm bs merem paz dgr lagu niy…
    aplg bayangin si teuku wisnu…
    wisnu you’re so special in my eyes

  16. hag,,,
    so specil banget,,,
    aq ngajarin mantan q bwat ngomong ini ke pacar nya yg skarang…

  17. Gosh, finally i found the lyric of So Special song…
    Thanks ya…
    I love this song so much…

  18. gue seneng banget ma teuku wisnu, moga aja dia ga kapok jatuh cinta tuk slamanya,soale ntar fitrix jadi perawan tua,ha ha ha

  19. te ope

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