The Used – In Love And Death

October 5, 2006

The Used’s In Love and Death is their official sophomore album, following the tide over hodgepodge of 2003’s Maybe Memories. They’ve found some harder guitars in the interim, filling “Take It Away” and ‘I Caught Fire” with directly energizing chord progressions that spill over rewardingly into triumphant choruses. “Away” even revitalizes the ridiculously played-out singing guy/screaming guy dynamic that the Used and so many of their peers unfailingly deploy. The rest of In Love and Death plays directly to the bruised souls and bleeding hearts of tortured teenage scribblers everywhere, incorporating emo/punk revivalist genre touchstones like tortured/sweet vocals, jarring time shifts, and elaborately-layered production techniques. Overall it’s a promising effort from the Used.

Track Lists
01. Take It Away
02. I Caught Fire
03. Let It Bleed
04. All That I’ve Got
05. Cut Up Angels
06. Listening
07. Yesterday’s Feelings
08. Light With A Sharpened Edge
09. Sound Effects And Overdramatic
10. Hard To Say
11. Lunacy Fringe
12. I’m A Fake

Download Here



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