Fort Minor – The Invasion

December 20, 2006

Along with the tracks that are scheduled to appear on Fort Minor’s first album ‘The Rising Tied’, Mike Shinoda and his friends and collaborators recorded a whole series of extra tracks. Aimed at the more core element of hip-hop as opposed to the alternative style of the album, the Mixtape features tracks that didn’t quite make the cut, tracks that didn’t fit in to the tone and style of the album, and some specially recorded tracks with some extra special guests. The mixtape features collaborators such as DemiGodz members Styles of Beyond, Apathy and Celph Titled, as well as Juelz Santana, Wu Tang Clan’s Ghostface and Lupe Fiasco.

As well as the collaborations, the mixtape also features a series of remixes, including Mike Shinoda’s highly anticipated remix of Styles of Beyond’s Megadef hit ‘Bleach’, and previously unheard mixes of ‘Petrified’ and ‘Remember The Name’. The tape also features a remix of Linkin Park’s ‘Nobody’s Listening’ by DJ Green Lantern. Mike’s ‘100 Degrees’, a track previously featured on the MTV Video Music Awards score is also set to appear on the tape.

01. Green Lantern Intro
02. 100 Degrees
03. Dolla
04. Bloc Party
05. S.C.O.M.
06. Remember The Name (Funkadelic Remix)
07. Bleach (Jimi Remix)
08. Spraypaint & Ink Pens
09. Petrified (Doors Remix)
10. Get It
11. Be Somebody
12. Respect 4 Grandma
13. There They Go (Green Lantern Remix)
14. All Night (Rush)
15. Nobody’s Listening (Green Lantern Remix)
16. Cover And Duck
17. Remember The Name (Album Version)
18. Petrified (Album Version)
19. Outro

edited :

you can download full album in here


  1. ini botaxuper, dari indomp3z:p

    waaa.. blog lo udah lama bgt.. senior!!^^ ikut download2 lagu juga yaa.. makasih..

    trus, jangan lupa baca2 n komen2 di blog saya, hehe.

  2. hey bocah pa kbr?
    met wiken yaa..

  3. Yes!!!!!
    akhirnya gw dapet juga linknya…
    gw nyari ke mana2 eh tau nya dapetnya dari web lokal…

    btw filenya masih ada g neh…?
    berbulan-bulan gw nyari ni album…
    ni album cuma available online doanx kan?

    Thx y!!!!!

    edited :
    masih ada ko.. ah gw upload ulang di http://music.bocahklene.com

  4. filenya dah kagak ada y?
    yah sayang bgt…
    bisa diaplot lg g?
    gw pengen bgt punya mp3nya neh…

  5. ups sori sori…
    tadi reply gua kagak muncul…

    Thnkx bgt yax!!!
    thx for your kindness…

    O y…
    da salam neh dari uploader2 sejatu dari ITB…

    Sekali lagi thx…

  6. sori om…
    linknya kurang jelas…
    maklum orang baru…

    bocah :
    sudah di update di http://music.bocahklene.com

    n bsa di lihat link buat downloadnya disana.. 😀

  7. i cant eplain my feeling in word that when i listined this album then my mind said that mike is the person of highness i really much fan of him. i m athe biggest fan and i will prove it

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