VA – Classic Move Theme

March 7, 2007

Ageless, Classic Movie Theme, the best ever, now has arrived! Theme song lagu2 dari film yang semuanya pasti udah akrab di telinga kita, diaransir dan dikompose oleh para musisi ternama. Sebut saja John Wiilams, James Horner, Alan Silvestri, John Berry, David Foster dan banyak lagi. Selected and compiled carefully, personally picked by myself. Cocok untuk keperluan music score film, video, animasi, pentas, atau acara2 lain. Recommended jg buat movie freaks/collector, penggemar orchestra/instrumental, atau ajang nostalgia ama film2 favorit elo. Kualitas gw garansi manis, bening, jernih. O ya, front cover dan back cover real size are included. So you can print them and have them on your cd cover. have fun..

1. 20th Century Fox (0:21)
2. John Williams – Flying Theme (EXTRA TERRESTRIAL) (3:49)
3. The Monty Norman Orchestra – JAMES BOND Theme (1:47)
4. Bill Conti – Gonna Fly Now (Theme from ROCKY) (2:48)
5. Boston Pops & John Williams – INDIANA JONES theme (5:32)
6. Nino Rota – Love Theme from THE GODFATHER (2:45)
7. Michael Giacchino – MISSION :IMPOSSIBLE Theme (0:51)
8. George S Clinton – AUSTIN POWERS Theme (2:45)
9. James Horner – ZORRO’s Theme (3:02)
10. John Williams – STAR WARS Main Theme(5:51)
11. Alan Silverstri – FORREST GUMP Suite (8:50)
12. John Williams – BACK TO THE FUTURE Theme (3:16)
13. John Ottman – SUPERMAN – Main Titles (3:47)
14. John Williams – HARRY POTTER Main Theme (5:21)
15. David Foster – Water Fountain (THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS) (2:06)
16. John Barry – The Music of Goodbye(OUT OF AFRICA).mp3
17. Stanley Myers – Cavatina (THE DEER HUNTER).mp3
18. John Barry – SOMEWHERE IN TIME Theme.mp3
19. Walter Murphy – A Fifth of Beethoven (SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER ).mp3
20. Vangelis – CHARIOTS OF FIRE theme.mp3
21. Dick Dale – Miserlou (PULP FICTION).mp3

If you want to download this album you can go to http://music.bocahklene.com



  1. bro, boleh dunk ngopi album ini…thanks!

  2. Broken Link: This Account Has Been Suspended

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