March 11, 2007

Track Listing

1.Victory, The
2.Agoge, The
3.Wolf, The
4.Returns A King
6.Ephors, The
7.Cursed By Beauty
8.What Must A King Do?
9.Goodbye My Love
10.No Sleep Tonight
11.Tree Of The Dead
12.Hot Gates, The
13.Fight In The Shade
14.Come And Get Them
15.No Mercy
16.Immortals Battle
17.Fever Dream
18.Xerxes’ Tent
19.Tonight We Dine In Hell
20.Council Chamber, The
21.Xerxes’ Final Offer
22.God King Bleeds, A
24.Message For The Queen
25.Remember Us




  1. çok süper olmuş beee ama bunu naıl inditr biliriz

  2. love ya guys

  3. why dont you next time but the direct link instead of letting us search for an hour

  4. hey one of the songs for 300 was played during the credits of the movie. the name of the song was freedom(liberta) but it doesn’t seem to be in the OST album, do you have it?

  5. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y9TZ8P0H

    direct link

  6. to cool, thanks alot! love the cover pic to 🙂

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