Steve Tyrell – The Best Of

January 20, 2008
When you feel like swingin’.. and bored with the voice like Buble, Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr and others, you should try mr Tyrell. He’s been in the music scene for 4 decades, so he surely know what he’s bringing. It’s romantic, it’s sweet, it’s wonderful, and it’s not oldfashioned, eventhough he sang with the whole orchestra too. So, for a romantic evening, for any garden party, for relaxing, i recommend this one. genitach.gif

1. steve tyrell – the way you look tnight
2. steve tyrell – on the sunny side of the street
3. steve tyrell – the very thought of you
4. steve tyrell – give me the simple life
5. steve tyrell – let’s fall in love
6. steve tyrell – someone to watch over me
7. steve tyrell – our love is here to stay
8. steve tyrell – ain’t misbehavin’
9. steve tyrell – baby it’s cold ouyside (jane monheit)
10. steve tyrell – tomorrow may never come
11. steve tyrell – stardust
12. steve tyrell – as time goes by
13. steve tyrell – you’ve got a friend in me
14. steve tyrell – it had to be you
15. steve tyrell – everytime we say goodbye
16. steve tyrell – for all we know
17. steve tyrell – georgia on my mind
18. steve tyrell – i wonder
19. steve tyrell – until the real thing comes along
20. steve tyrell -i’ve got my love to keep me warm



One comment

  1. I adore Steve Tyrell’s voice. I listen to him every day when I walk.

    Will he ever come to Portland Oregon?

    Also is he going to make more CD’s?

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