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Lolipopee presents: VA – Cherish The Broken Heart

January 20, 2008

Lolipopee says:

“Cherish The Broken Heart
Cherish The Pain Inside
Cherish The Sorrow Cry
For A Bright Tomorrow Life”

Buat kalian yang lagi patah hati, celebrate your broken heart with this compilation…
satu-satunya obar manjur patah hati itu, all about her/him harus bisa dikeluarin sebanyak-banyaknya…
so this compilation bisa membantu kamu-kamu semua nglupain si doski (doski??gue dari jaman lupus banget!)
kalian bakal ditemani bintang2 soulful jazz layaknya luther vandross, stevie wonder, si peabo bryson yang hampir semua judul lagunya ttg broken heart!, James Ingram, dll
mudah-mudahan bisa jadi kawan saat sedih…
tapi teteppp…lagu trakhir bertema WE’LL BE OVER DOSKI!hahaFor all the brokenharted, celebrate it with this compilation… you’ll be accompanied by big names like luther vandross, stevie wonder, peabo bryson, james ingram and many others that speaks about how it is to be broken. Enjoy the album and may you’ll get over it soon. smile.gifBlackmamba says:
Whoa golly! album kedua yg bicara soal patah hati setelah For All The Brokenhearted gw yg dulu diposting sekitar bulan agustus. Nice selection of songs, yang bisa ngewakilin broken heart. Emang jazz rata2 bicara soal cinta, tp tetep ada yg bisa mewakili momen2 mellow kita. Menariknya album kompilasi jeng loli ini, lagu2 diawal smp hampir ke ujung ngewakilin masa2 sedih, tapi diakhiri dgn optimisme supaya ga berlarut2. Great idea. tongue.gif

Kalo ada temen2 yg kebeneran lagi mellow, ini album manjur buat nemenin elo. Ato mau dijadiin stok buat jaga2? bole juga.. well, kalo engga juga, album ini teteup asik bgt kok nemenin saat2 santai, despite the theme and the lyrics. Yuk ah.. mangga.. biggrin.gif

in english:
For all the brokenharted, celebrate it with this compilation… you’ll be accompanied by big names like luther vandross, stevie wonder, peabo bryson, james ingram and many others that speaks about how it is to be broken. Enjoy the album and may you’ll get over it soon. smile.gif

01. Stevie Wonder – Lately
02. James Ingram – Just Once
03. Luther Vandross – Promise Me
04. Chicago – If You Leave Me Now
05. Peabo Bryson – Don’t Make Me Cry
06. Bobby Caldwell – Saying It’s Over
07. Peabo Bryson – Why Goodbye
08. Michael Bolton – How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
09. Pattie Labelle & Michael Mcdonald – On My Own
10. Peabo Bryson – Can You Stop The Rain
11. Babyface – Nobody Knows It But Me
12. Gino Vanelli – Living Inside Myself
13. Chris Walker – How Do You Heal Broken Heart
14. Simply Red – So Not Over You
15. Keith Martin – Never Find Someone Like You
16. Janita – I Miss You
17. Natalie Cole – I Miss You Like Crazy
18. Bryan Mcknight – One Last Cry
19. Tony Braxton – Let It Flow
20. Toto – I’ll Be Over You


Hire Me Direct


Harvey Malaiholo & Ireng Maulana – Dia (1983)

January 20, 2008

Barang antik, barang antik……. biggrin.gif
Lagu ini berasal dari album pertama dari trilogi kolaborasi Harvey dan Ireng di tahun 1983. Harvey yang ketika itu udah punya nama, ditambah Ireng Maulana sbg music director ternyata klop bekerja sama. Lagu “Dia” adalah ciptaan Yessy Robot, yg waktu itu lagi laris2nya. Kerjasama tiga orang yang sedang “on fire” jelas menghasilkan hits yang klasik. Kalaupun ada yg lupa ama lagu ini, coba dengerin deh… gw yakin pasti langsung ingat lagi..biggrin.gif another collection from my treasure chest, upped by request.. sekalian gw jadiin Blackmamba’s Pick Of The Day, karna sebenernya lagu ini tinggal nunggu waktu untuk gw naikin ke permukaan lagi hehe… enjoy!



Steve Tyrell – The Best Of

January 20, 2008
When you feel like swingin’.. and bored with the voice like Buble, Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr and others, you should try mr Tyrell. He’s been in the music scene for 4 decades, so he surely know what he’s bringing. It’s romantic, it’s sweet, it’s wonderful, and it’s not oldfashioned, eventhough he sang with the whole orchestra too. So, for a romantic evening, for any garden party, for relaxing, i recommend this one. genitach.gif

1. steve tyrell – the way you look tnight
2. steve tyrell – on the sunny side of the street
3. steve tyrell – the very thought of you
4. steve tyrell – give me the simple life
5. steve tyrell – let’s fall in love
6. steve tyrell – someone to watch over me
7. steve tyrell – our love is here to stay
8. steve tyrell – ain’t misbehavin’
9. steve tyrell – baby it’s cold ouyside (jane monheit)
10. steve tyrell – tomorrow may never come
11. steve tyrell – stardust
12. steve tyrell – as time goes by
13. steve tyrell – you’ve got a friend in me
14. steve tyrell – it had to be you
15. steve tyrell – everytime we say goodbye
16. steve tyrell – for all we know
17. steve tyrell – georgia on my mind
18. steve tyrell – i wonder
19. steve tyrell – until the real thing comes along
20. steve tyrell -i’ve got my love to keep me warm



Ella Fitzgerald – Forever Ella (2007)

June 13, 2007

Until my music page online again i’ll try to post some link in this blog.

Blackmamba says:
Ella Fitzgerald, aka Lady Ella, aka The First Lady of Song, a phenomenal name in jazz world for more than half century. She sold more than 40 million copies world wide, and also the owner of the voice that will never be matched, compared and forgotten. If she still alive, she would reach 90 years old several days ago, on April 25th. Her voice is unique, 3 octave full, with really clear intonation and pronounciation, also capable of doing a perfect scat. She became an inspiration of hundreds artists after her, named Jamie Cullum, Jane Monheit, Madeleine Peyroux, Jill Scott for example. In this album, you can listen to 20 best love songs of Ella. This album was released in celebration of her 90th birthday. A trully magical and fantastic compilation that will highlight all her best days, and what a true legend she was. This is an essential album guys, so.. for you who still don’t have Ella’s songs, do listen and find the answer, why Ella is phenomenal.

1. Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye
2. Cry Me A River
3. Manhattan
4. Best Is Yet To Come
5. I Get A Kick Out Of You
6. Cheek To Cheek
7. Don’t Fence Me In
8. Get Happy
9. Night And Day
10. Let’s Face The Music And Dance
11. Summertime
12. Someone To Watch Over Me
13. Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)
14. They Can’t Take That Away From Me
15. Let’s Fall In Love
16. You Do Something To Me
17. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)
18. Fine Romance
19. Wait Till You See Him
20. Angel Eyes


VA – Tank Top 40 Heart Beat Station

May 10, 2007

Oh god i have a litle boring to update my blog in this place. and i’m a little busy in my work. but for this time i have some spesial album for you all guys. I make some kompilasion album from the hits song in this week.  and the name is Tank Top 40. Why i give this name? becouse this one the most program at Heart Beat Station Streaming Radio accidentally i’m make the chart for this radio. So you can enjoy it this album..include with art cover if you play with itunes or jet audio player.

So enjoy this guys..

Tracklist :

CD 1

Within Temptation Ft Keith Caputo – What Have You Done
Hilary Duff – With Love
Rihanna & Nicole Scherzinger – Winning Women
Gareth Gates – Changes
Fall Out Boy – This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race
Dolores O’riordan – Ordinary Day
Ne-Yo – Because Of You
Korn – Freak On A Leash (Ft. Amy Lee)
Beyonce ft Shakira – Beatiful Liar
Stephanie McIntosh – So Do I Say Sorry First
Linkin Park – What I’ve Done
Jewel – Quest For Love
Girls Aloud Vs Sugababes – Walk This Way
Mandy Moore – Extra Ordinary
Bon Jovi – Make A Memory (You Want To)
Jason Mraz – The Beauty In Ugly
Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend
Helena Paparizou – Teardrops
Rihanna feat. Jay-Z – Umbrella
THaley Bennett and Hugh Grant – Way Back Into Love

CD 2

Good Charlotte – Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
Timbaland Ft. Nelly Furtado And Justin Timberlake – Give It To Me
Michael Bublé – Everything
John Legend – P.D.A (We Just Don’t Care)
Melanie C – The Moment You Believe
Natasha Bedingfield – (I Wanna Have Your) Babies
Cascada – Miracle
Mika – Grace kelly
Michael Learns To Rock – It’s Only Love
Snow Patrol – Signal Fire (spiderman 3 ost)
Sophie Ellis Bextor – Catch You (Radio Version)
Alanis Morissette – My Humps
Maroon 5 – Makes Me Wonder
Ashley Tisdale – Be Good To Me (Rap Version)
JoJo – Anything (Radio Edit)
Amy Winehouse – Back To Black
Björk – Earth Intruders (Radio Edit)
Muse – Invicible
Kelly Clarkson – Never Again
Brian McFadden – Like Only A Woman Can

you can download in here 


Music Page Has Been Update

March 25, 2007

Anna Tsuchiya inspi’ Nana (Black Stones) TRAPNES – Nana BEST

Tracklist :
2. A Little Pain(OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST))
4. Wish (OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST))
5. Starless Night (OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST))
6. Kuroi Namida (ANNA TSUCHIYA inspi’ NANA (BLACK STONES))
9. Shadow of Love (OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST))
10. Winter Sleep (OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST))
11. Anarchy in the U.K. (ANNA TSUCHIYA inspi’ NANA (BLACK STONES))
12. LUCY ~Studio Live Version (ANNA TSUCHIYA inspi’ NANA (BLACK STONES))
13. Nothing’s Gonna Take Me Love (OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST))
14. Recorded Butterflies (OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST))

KOTOKO – Kirei na Senritsu 2007

Tracklist :
01 きれいな旋律
02 rush
03 きれいな旋律 (Instrumental)
04 rush (Instrumental)

Tommy Heavenly6 – Tommy Heavenly V6 2005

Tracklist :
1. 2bfree
2. Ready?
3. Wait Till I Can Dream
4. Fell In Love With You
5. Wanna Be Your Idol
6. Gothic Pink
7. Swear
8. Lost In Pieces
9. Gimme All Of Your Love!!
10. Lcdd
11. Hey My Friend


Peyroux is Peyroux. She’s unique. Her heavy and sexy voice is really perfect to sing “Le Parisien’ Jazz. Her singing style sounds like singers 40’s and below, but still, it’s up to date til this present days. Every album of her is recommended. This album upped again, cuz all the links on the net seems to expired. so… for all of you who want this, go ahead.. let’s feel how romantic paris is.. at night.

Tracklist :
1. Walkin’ After Midnight
2. Hey Sweet Man
3. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
4. Fun Out Of Life, (Getting Some)
5. La Vie En Rose
6. Always A Use
7. Prayer, A
8. Muddy Water
9. Was I?
10. Dreamland
11. Reckless Blues
12. Lovesick Blues

Jane Monheit – Come Dream With Me

Tracklist :

1. Jane Monheit – A Case Of You (4:28)
2. Jane Monheit – Blame It On My Youth (4:30)
3. Jane Monheit – Hit The Road To Dreamland (4:07)
4. Jane Monheit – I’ll Be Seeing You (3:08)
5. Jane Monheit – I’m Through With Love (3:18)
6. Jane Monheit – If (4:09)
7. Jane Monheit – Over The Rainbow (Reprise) (0:39)
8. Jane Monheit – Over The Rainbow (6:40)
9. Jane Monheit – So Many Stars (4:35)
10. Jane Monheit – Something To Live For (5:36)
11. Jane Monheit – Spring Can Really Hang You Up (6:50)
12. Jane Monheit – Waters Of March (4:43)

Hiro – Satu Kisah

Tracklist :
Hiro – Kuberharap
Hiro – Cinta
Hiro – Takkan Pernah
Hiro – Mimpi Tentangmu
Hiro – Pergilah Kekasihku
Hiro – Mengenai Cinta
Hiro – Lukaku
Hiro – Satu Kisah
Hiro – Tak Perlu Terhina
Hiro – Aku Pilih Kalian


Tracklist :
De Java – Setelah Kau Pergi
De Java – Seperti Romeo
De Java – Chinta (Jangan Tangisi Aku)
De Java – Bosan
De Java – KKJM (Kumau Kau Jadi Miliku)
De Java – Doa
De Java – Seribu Tahun
De Java – Cintailah Cinta
De Java – Kumbang Kelana
De Java – Seorang Pengganti
De Java – Selamat Jalan

Souljah – Breaking The Roots

Tracklist :
Listen to Da Island
Magenta (Feat Happy Salma)
Mati Menahan Rindu
Jamaica’s Away (Feat Hendrix R)
All The People In The World
Lelaku ‘Itu’
On The Radio
all I Know
The Day The World Turns Into Grey
The Nation
Mahalo (feat popok)

Harvey Malaiholo -Greatest Hits 1987-2007

Song list :
Aku Sadari
Katakan Saja
Begitulah Cinta
Seandainya Selalu Satu
Kusadari (Masih Ada)
Meniti Pelangi


song list:

1.Tak Ingin Usai
2. Bilang Saja
3.Awal yang Indah
4..Sampai Nanti
5.Bila Tiba Saatnya
6.Kesepian Kita
7.Selalu Ada

Tere – Sebuah Harapan

song list:

2. Tunjukkan Padaku
4..Jika Kau Bahagia
5.Aku Patut Membenci Dia
6.Cintaku Sederhana
7.Selebihnya Dusta
8.Mengapa ini Terjadi
9.Biarkan Saja
10.Sebuah Harapan

Tere – Begitu Berharga

song list:

1.Pencuri Hati
2. Dosa Termanis
3.Cukup Bagiku
4..Pasangan Sepadan
5.Pertanyaan Hati
6.Panggung Sandiwara
7.Kala Cinta Bicara
8.Begitu Berharga
9.Apa Adanya

Krakatau – Best Of The Best

Song List:

1.Kau Datang
2.Kembali Satu
5.Seraut Wajah
7.Sekitar Kita
8.Cinta Pasti
9.Sayap Sayap Beku
11.Feels Like Forever
12.Dirimu Kasih
17.Tiada Abadi

Sherina – Primadona

song list :

2.Better than Love
4.1000 Topeng
5.Singing Pixie
6.Ku Disini
7.Mimpi dan Tantangan
8.Lari dari Realita
9.Pelangi ditengah Bintang
10.Bukan Kenangan
11.Here to Stay

Cordova – Putaran Waktu

song list:
Cordova – Putaran Waktu – 01 – Kasihku
Cordova – Putaran Waktu – 02 – Tinggalkan_Diriku
Cordova – Putaran Waktu – 03 – Sanggupkah
Cordova – Putaran Waktu – 04 – Salah
Cordova – Putaran Waktu – 05 – Bosan
Cordova – Putaran Waktu – 06 – Putaran Waktu
Cordova – Putaran Waktu – 07 – Kenikmatan Semu
Cordova – Putaran Waktu – 08 – KuasaMu
Cordova – Putaran Waktu – 09 – UntukMu
Cordova – Putaran Waktu – 10 – Setetes Cinta

The String Quartet Tribute To Linkin Park’s Meteora

Song Title
The String Quartet 1. Foreword
The String Quartet 2. Don’t Stay
The String Quartet 3. Somewhere I Belong
The String Quartet 4. Lying From You
The String Quartet 5. Hit The Floor
The String Quartet 6. Easier To Run
The String Quartet 7. Faint
The String Quartet 8. Figure.09
The String Quartet 9. Breaking The Habit
The String Quartet 10. From The Inside
The String Quartet 11. Nobody’s Listening
The String Quartet 12. Session
The String Quartet 13. Numb

Ini hanya beberapa album saja yang diposting disini.. dan masih banyak lagi yang lainnya yang bisa lo dapatkan di gw menyarankan sich lebih baik lo pada beli album2 asli mereka. Tapi kalau tidak mau silahkan download saja huekeke.. :D:P



March 11, 2007

Java Jazz 2007, merupakan pentas selebrasi jazz termegah tahunan di Indonesia. Tidak kurang dari 3 hari, puluhan jazzer ternama, legenda, dalam dan luar negeri turut ambil bagian memberikan suguhan terbaik mereka. Nama2 terkenal spt Chaka Khan, Sergio Mendes, David Benoit, Jeffrey Osbourne, Bubi Chen, Ireng Maulana, Level 42, Lisa Ono hingga Jamie Cullum hadir disana. Buat teman2 yang karena satu dan lain hal berhalangan hadir, gw pengen ngebagi sesuatu, sekedar oleh2 kecil, supaya semuanya bisa kebagian dalam momen luar biasa ini.

Ini adalah CD Official Java Jazz 2007 yang berisi 18 lagu2 keren abis, yang gw rip langsung dari CD. So, kualitasnya ga usah diraguin. Tidak semua pengisi CD ini hadir disana, tapi jelas, CD ini bisa mewakili suasana, momen dan sejarah Java Jazz 2007. Bukan cuma teman2 yg tidak hadir disana, tapi juga buat semuanya yg tidak/belum memiliki CD ini, buat kenang2an, atau bahkan juga buat yang tidak terlalu peduli dengan festival tapi pengen punya koleksi CD keren.

Okay then.. to all my brothas and sistas.. semoga berkenan. let’s celebrate it together!

1. Jamie Cullum – Mind Trick (4:05)
2. Level 42 – Love Games (4:27)
3. John Scofield – I Don’t Need No Doctor (4:27)
4. Shakatak ft Al Jarreau – Day By Day (3:55)
5. Jeffrey Osbourne – Eenie Meenie (4:26)
6. Gino Vannelli – I Just Wanna Stop (3:33)
7. Lee Ritenour – Every Little Thing She Does Is (4:01)
8. Sergio Mendes – Rainbow’s End (4:06)
9. Richard Bona – Bona Petit (4:48)
10. Brian Culberston – It’s On Tonight (5:08)
11. Oleta Adams – Get Here (4:34)
12. Madeleine Peyroux – Dance Me To The End Of Love (3:56)
13. Peter Cincotti – Some Kind Of Wonderful (3:29)
14. David Benoit – Don’t Know Why (4:32)
15. Gwyneth Herbert – Only Love Can Break (3:13)
16. Will Downing&ampGerard Albright – Stop Look Listen To Your Heart (3:42)
17. Natalie Cole – Tell Me All About It (4:10)
18. Mark Sholtez – If You Were A Song (4:09)


Java Jazz Fest 2007 menampilkan salah satu maestro jazz indonesia, Bubi Chen. Seperti tahun2 sebelumnya, oom Bubi tampil memukau didepan para penggemarnya. Kontribusi, semangat dan kepeduliannya terhadap jazz di Indonesia membuat gw salut sekaligus terharu. Oom Bubi kali ini tampil dengan kursi roda.. ya, dalam kondisi spt itu beliau tetap tampil dgn sempurna. Semoga beliau lekas sembuh..

Kali ini gw rilis salah satu albumnya, keluaran tahun 1998 yang diberi judul Wonderful World, dimana beliau tampil dengan para sahabat dekatnya spt Benny Likumahuwa, Oele Pattiselano, dll.Ini album yg menurut gw sangat kental jazznya, melodious, dan ga kalah ama artis2 luar. Suara Syaharani yg ngejazz bgt ngeblend dgn sempurna dgn para sepuh jazz. Album ini gw rip langsung dari CD, so ga perlu ragu ama kualitasnya. A truly masterpiece album, a classic, one of the greatest treasure of Indonesian Jazz history, This one will surely blow you away. You’ll love this album and have this one among your best collection for long time to come.

note: ada Moliendo Cafe, yang merupakan versi original Kopi Dangdut.

dan juga ini sekalian gw tambahin beberapa Album dari Musisi yang ikut disana.

Bubi Chen All Stars – Wonderful World

Drums & Percussions CENDI LUNTUNGAN
Recording Engineer JOHN HERBERT

You’ve Got A Friend
Killing Me Softly (featuring Syaharani)
Autumn Leaves
Crazy (featuring Syaharani)
Moliendo Cafe
What A Wonderful World (featuring Syaharani)
The Nearness of You
All of Me (featuring Ria Likumahua)

Bubi Chen – Monalisa : Romantiques

As Time Goes By
Autum Leaves
Hey Jude
I Don’t Know How to Love Him
Leaving on a jet plane
Moonlight in Vermont
Moulin Rouge
Starbgers in Paradise
Teach me tonight
Without You

LISA ONO – Questa Bossa Mia

01 Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffè
02 Sul Cocuzzolo
03 Non Dimenticar
04 Per il Sentiero
05 Piove (Ciao Ciao, Bambina)
06 ‘O Sole Mio
07 Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)
08 Reginella
09 Roma Nun Fà La Stupida Stasera
10 Questi Vent’ Anni Miei
11 Fino A Chiamarmi Eva
12 E La Chiamano Estate
13 Ninnananna Ninna…
14 Ti Guardero’nel Cuore

Ireng Maulana All Star

Ireng Maulana All Stars – As Time Goes By.mp3
Ireng Maulana All Stars – Basin Street Blues.mp3
Ireng Maulana All Stars – Blueberry Hill.mp3
Ireng Maulana All Stars – Cherokee.mp3
Ireng Maulana All Stars – Chewin The Rag.mp3
Ireng Maulana All Stars – Hello Dolly.mp3
Ireng Maulana All Stars – How Sensitive.mp3
Ireng Maulana All Stars – Mimpi.mp3
Ireng Maulana All Stars – Quizas, Quizas, Quizas.mp3
Ireng Maulana All Stars – Red River Valley.mp3
Ireng Maulana All Stars – Tak Ingin Sendiri.mp3
Ireng Maulana All Stars – The Entertainer.mp3

semua album2 ini bisa didapatkan di dan masih banyak juga album2 musisi jazz lainnya yang kemarin ikut berpartisipasi dalam festival kemarin.