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I Waited Too Long

July 6, 2006

Where do you go?
When you’ve lost your heart and soul
I hit an all time low
When you left me there along

Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh (where do you go)
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh (where do you go)

And now I can’t stop dreaming of a different ending
If I would have said something
We could have been

But I waited too long
I turned my head and you were gone
Out of my life
Back in my arms is where you belong
But I waited too long

Only pain and shame remains
All that I have gained
But I’m the one to blame
How were you to know I felt this way?


With out You

July 6, 2006

(featuring: Nui)

The first time I saw you I knew
I knew I’d love you cause my heart stopped

Krung raak tee mong taa tur

chan roo waa ruk tur tung hua jai

Because I
Lalalalalalalala love you
Lalalalalalalala love you
Love can make you feel so funny
No house no car not even money
Will make me feel the way what I’m really trying to say
I can’t live another day
Without you
Without you
Lalalalalalalala la……

Krung raak tee chan dai joob tur

chan roo rao ruk kan duay hua jai

The first time I kissed you I knew
I knew I had you cause your heart stopped

Ruk nun bang tee plake dee waa mai tur

kong mee kaa a’rai tee keay jer

kor mai aad taan jai tee mee

kae yak bok tur suk tee

waa che wit chan took na tee

tong kan tur

Because I
Lalalalalalalala love you (x4)


Until Our Hearts Collide

July 6, 2006

There’s not much to say
That could ever change all my foolish days
But now I’m here to stay
So let the chips fall where they may

For all the wrong I know I’ve done some good
And all along you’re the one I understood

For all I know
When games start to show
I’m on your side
Until our hearts collide

As I’m growing old
I wanna take back all those lies I told
I hope you understand
I’m just trying to be a better man

And the hardest part would be letting you go
After all I have done
Our hearts are meant to be one
But I think you should know

Don’t look back
Don’t ever look back
Won’t look back
Won’t ever look back


The Meaning of Happy

July 6, 2006

I’m on the phone
With my girl back home
She says she’s alone
But I’m on the phone

Can you tell me how it feels?
What it means to be happy
Can you tell me what is real?
And the meaning of happy

Ya I was out last night
I was as high as a kite
Got into a fight
I said I’m all right


I’m Still in Love with You

July 6, 2006

I saw you sitting over there
Romancing with another guy
You know my eyes they never lie
How did if feel to tear a hole
Right through the middle of, of my broken heart

I need to take some time to think about us
It’s not you it’s me and I’m really sorry

What did you say don’t take this the wrong way
What could be worse hey hey hey?
Now I’m here all alone with my heart in my hands
And I’m still in love with you
How could you throw this all away?
Can’t get any worse hey hey hey
When I’m still in love with you

When I think about what we shared
It’s hard for me to reason why
You would leave me high and dry
What made you say those words to me?
Of such simplicity
You know I’m not just any guy
You could have used a better line


Love Isn’t

July 6, 2006

Do you ever wake up in the morning alone?
And do you ever wish that there was some way you could stay at home?
With somebody who love you and needs you
With somebody who helps to complete you

But I’ve made mistakes and I know forsure
I won’t forget to remember

Love isn’t
Always as you see it
Love isn’t
Always as you dream it should be
Love isn’t
Always gonna find you
But this is love
Cause you’re all I’m thinking of

I wanna tell you that I’m sorry I didn’t mean that
I wanna say I love you but will I hear those words come back
From somebody who loves me and needs me
From somebody who helps to complete me

But there’s one concern that I must consider
Before I start to paint my picture

I’m gonna take my chances
I’m gonna lay my heart out on the line (on the line this time)
I’m gonna love you endlessly
But I’ll keep this in the back of my mind