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Tompi – Playful

February 27, 2007

Lulu Dan Siti
Jangan engkau ganggu cintaku
Can You Feel My Music
Valentine’s Day
Aku Tak Mau
I’m Falling In Love
Engkaulah satu-satunya
Even if ft. Groofologi
Soft Shoe
T Scat

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This Way

May 23, 2005

sugar, baby

i need to forget it to move on
but i can still remember your smile
as if somewhere you close to me
how can it be

i need to erase you from my mind
but i still feel your arms holding me
everytime i close my eyes

reff: now you have gone so far away
but your present’s still too real
why you left me to feel this way

i still feel your warm breath in my ear
when you whispered the sweetest thing
why you left me to feel this way
this way

don’t you know baby
that this feeling
keeps me waiting like
like you’ll come back to me

and sometimes in my dreams
i see you’re smiling
but when i wake up
it’s just disappeared

repeat reff


Selalu Denganmu

May 23, 2005

adakah waktu yg tak berbatas
untukku merasa bahagia
saat-saat aku jatuh cinta
saat ku terbang jauh ke sana

**: selalu denganmu
kasihku selamanya
selalu denganmu
cintaku bersama

kaulah matahari dalam hidupku
dan kaulah cahaya bulan di malamku
hadirmu selalu akan ku tunggu
cintamu selalu akan ku rindu